Planning For Company Is A Piece Of Cake

Getting ready for company can be stressful no doubt! No matter how many people you are entertaining or the capacity you may be in, preparing can be a bit painful. Between work and family obligations it’s almost impossible to find the time to plan let alone be creative. Needless to say you have a vision, a goal and your determined to see it through. I mean what’s so stressful about throwing together some food and drinks on a table? What could be so stressful about making another run to the store for another case of wine? Sounds like a piece of cake…right?

“It Takes Real Planning To Organize This Kind Of Chaos” ~Mel Odem

The Stress Is Real

Not exactly, making sure you have enough food, drinks and entertainment for your guests can make you pull your hair completely out. Your anxiety increases and all of a sudden your whole body becomes numb just thinking about the work that lies ahead for planning. It’s a beast to tackle but we are going to take it on together! Pour a glass of wine, break out a notebook and pen because I have prepared a simple principal to use. Although planning has it’s challenges there is a simple solution to your planning woes. It just takes a little small effort on your part, patience and maybe even another glass of wine.

School Days

Remember back in the day when you were studying English? One of the basic principles of understanding the situation and context of your text was applying the 5Ws, Who, What, When, Where and Why and sometimes How. Well I am here to let you in on a little secret,  these very same principals work when planning for events.

When you begin your planning process start with these questions; Who are you planning for? What type of event is this? When will it take place? Where will it be located? Why are we having this event? and How much will it cost? This is a major piece to planning, your budget. You wouldn’t imagine how often this piece is overlooked and underestimated. When beginning your planning process always…always have your budget prepared. This is crucial piece that determines everything. Applying this strategy will keep your sanity and covers all your bases.

When can I use this strategy?

These basic grade school principals can be used in every type of event scenario, whether you’re hosting a small get together at home or planning a wedding. These basic steps apply to every aspect of your event.  Think of this as your playbook when planning the details. Applying these principals will start to alleviate some of that stress you experience and you will be able to focus on the creative details.  I promise if you ask yourself these questions during preparation a lot of your worries and What If’s will go away. Keep in mind that for more complex planning these principals would be a good starting point, the larger your event the more bases you will need to cover.

Continuing with Confections of a Sweet Addict

In preparation for A BRUNCH of Roses I will be applying those same concepts we learned; Who: Brunch for Two, What: Valentine’s Day Theme, When: February 18th, Where: My home, Why: Supporting my goal of eating healthier during the holidays, How Much: $100 for food, beverage and décor. These concepts keeps me on track, gives me a direction and simplifies the planning process. Let’s prepare our invitations to go out.


Small Tip: Shopping for your event after the holidays or off season gives you better deals, offers and discounts on materials and supplies. Stores mark down heavy on the prices to sell left over inventory.

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