A Brunch of Roses Table Setting

My Sweet Spot

At last we made it to our first table styling, I had a blast putting this Tableworthy Setting together.My goal was to find items from stores that you most frequently shop like Ross or Marshalls. My vision was creating a classic and clean table. After browsing a few stores I found everything I needed in Burlington Coat Factor ,which was unexpected. I just stopped in to browse around for pieces that spoke to me. Once I found my sweet spot I picked up my tablecloth, table runner and these beautiful rose shaped candle pieces. Burlington is stocked full of great home good items from tea kettles to living room curtains. There are many different serving dishes in a variety of colors and designs to fit any table setting. What was more exciting was the prices were unbelievably affordable. I had to stop myself from buying the whole home goods section.

Chaos Of Cuteness

There were just to many cute pieces there to work with. They were already starting to preparing for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. With the holidays slowly approaching it was easy for me to find that clean and fresh look I was going for. I had to keep in mind my theme, A Brunch of Rose’s in honor of Confections of a Sweet Addict. Among the chaos of cuteness I found items I can utilizes for my table setting. I already arranged my florals for my centerpiece, so I started designing from my colorful floral arrangement.

The Look and Feel

To create the clean look I choice a crisp white table cloth. White is such a versatile color and can be used for many different settings. Dressing your table with a white table cloth can set a upscale modern tone or formed into a casual feel . For this particular look, white was used for a simple finish and drawing attention to the pops of color in the table props. I draped a light mellow orange textured table runner to bring the table to life. The floral centerpiece contributed more color across the table. Next, I assembled some white salad plates with square patterned bowls that complimented the table runner. To give my audience options, I added to rectangular serving dishes that can be used for appetizers and desserts.

Brunch for Two

The table was inviting and not overwhelmed with a lot of pieces that could take away from the peace it brings. It’s color scheme was designed to stimulate conversation for those invited to the table. It’s functionality is fresh with each dish made for small bites, easily shared between two people. Always keep in mind the importance of assembling your table to accommodate the number of people and dishes brought to the table. This was the perfect setting that successfully meets the needs of your guests and organized to fit a brunch

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