A Brunch Of Success Recap

Brunch Success

A Brunch of Roses turned out to be a success! It complimented our Confections of Sweet Addict series very well. Our goal was to find substitutes for those sweet temptations you may come across during Valentines Day. Whether it be in the work environment or right in your home there are always solutions to those tempting cupcakes and donuts that are always available.

Mood Board

The ideal table setting was shown in our mood board below. We had the concept down but went with a totally different direction with the set up. Sometimes that happens, reason being is because of the great sales we found on the items purchased on Burlington Coat Factory. Even though it didn’t follow our ideal mood board it still gave us some form of direction. Next project we will follow our mood board a lot better, it presents a good challenge.


Getting ready for company means letting them know ahead of time about your event. It’s important you give them the proper notice so they can mark it on their calendars and make themselves available for your event. These beautiful handcrafted invitations adds a personal touch and shows your creativity. It’s also the first impression you give your guests about your event. An invitation tells a lot about what your guests will attending. These particular invitations where designed to give a casual and simple feel. Your guests will know what to expect, how to dress for the occasion and what will be taking place during that time.

Brunch Wrap Up

It’s amazing how successful our first month went. I had the opportunity to learn about purchasing materials, product listings and basic photography. I am actually proud of myself for my drive and determination to make this company unique. I may be up against a lot of companies that are already established and have consistent cliental but my company service is personable, affordable and meaningful. I like the fact that I am focusing on small and intimate events, these have a tendency to be more personable and require a higher since of creativity. Cheers to a successful set up and we are on our way to our next design.

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