The Fear of Creativity When Styling Events

That’s So Sweet Of You

One of my greatest characteristics is my ability to give to others. I’m capable of paying attention to people and know exactly what to give when it comes down to birthdays and holidays. Not only am I good at giving but I genuinely love to give. I started by making scrapbook pages and grew an obsession for building my cardstock. This progressed into making picture frames from scratch to coordinating gatherings for friends . I know I did a good job when someone would look at me and say, “That’s So Sweet of You.” It’s like music to my ears. I have grown to love crafts and working with my hands. When I’m personalizing a piece for someone I perfect each detail and will not release it till I feel it’s complete.

My Creative Niche

I definitely picked a competitive niche to build my brand.There were so many appealing interests that I want to learn, perfect and establish within my business. I narrowed it down to my top interest Event Styling, Crafting, Photography and Gifting. How I differentiate myself from the many creative designers is by providing solutions for styling your own events using everyday items and resources. This could include using non-traditional items that you would never think to use when styling your event.  Often times designers need to be creative with the different budgets they work with so it presents a challenge styling what your client envisioned. As a designer you fear failing the project because of the challenges and restraints presented to you.

Fear of Creativity

In the Event Styling field you must have an eye for detail, be crafty and versatile with your skills in order to meet the needs of your clients. You can’t afford not to keep up with trends or learn a new skill so it’s always important in embrace your creativity and not be afraid to take risks. It’s perfectly fine to be a little precaution about your designs but your creations can set you apart from everyone else. Everyone has a uniqueness about their work and that’s what makes publications, likes, shares and follows. If every designer was afraid to follow through with their vision all events would look the same. Nobody wants to attend an event that doesn’t stimulate their mind or provide interaction with one another. Your creating and experience so it’s acceptable to stray away from tradition.

Embrace Your Imagination Space

Unleash all your ideas, crave to please and don’t miss an opportunity to show your skills. Fear holds people back from a lot of things in life and that can block opportunities for yourself. Someone is always going to have an opinion about your work or how you operate. People’s opinions can be positive or negative, it’s about how you utilize what you hear and see and make it work to your advantage. Don’t tuck away your personality for others to make a sale or book a client, it makes your personal brand’s stock decline. Provide the quality of work you are capable of producing and your work will speak for itself.

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