Happy International Women’s Day!

Today we salute working women who refuse to settle just for anything.

At H.E.R. Crisis, our contributors are constantly juggling roles but remain dedicated to uplifting women—encouraging you and each other to go be great no matter the crisis.

We salute our contributors today and those coming on in the near future. Get to know our contributors and their purpose.

And if you’re interested in joining the H.E.R. Community, contact us!

Chelsea Overstreet - H.E.R. Contributor
Chelsea Overstreet AKA The C.E.O. A married mommy wearing many hats and working in higher education with passions deeply rooted in all things written! A sarcastic and realistic optimist who is perpetually late and overly apologetic about it. A woman on a never ending journey for a beautiful and balanced life. “I am striving to have that ‘I just took my bra off after a long day’ feeling 24/7.”
H.E.R. Crisis Contributor: Tenisha Hendon
Founder and Event Stylist of Tableworthy Event Design (TWED), where “It’s About the Company You Keep”. TWED is a blog telling the stories of a DIY Event Planner who offers solutions that simplifying the planning and styling of social events. Residing in Orlando, Florida with her beautiful baby boy and supportive husband, she works as a Senior Event Coordinator. Constantly learning new skills to keep up with new trends and a passion for crafting, cooking and food photography. “I strive each day to meet my goal of breaking free from corporate America. 40 is it folks—I WILL be my own boss!”
Janae Martin - Life Coach and Contributor of H.E.R. Crisis
Janae Martin A powerhouse life purpose coach for young adults who want to transition from the mundane life to the life on their vision board. She primarily helps millennial women get paid to do what they LOVE. Blending both practical and spiritual training, along with her own testimony to critical life experiences, her passion helps people pinpoint their purpose, hopes and dreams, making a less daunting path to their desired lifestyle. When she’s not soul seeking, she’s a Hip-Hop head who, every blue moon, closes a real estate deal or two. Visit Janae Martin at janaemartin.com “Here’s to an evolved life!”
Home Blogger extraordinaire that combines the love of family and decorating her home at an affordable budget. Live Pretty on a Penny is about inspiring women to take charge of creating the beauty they want in their homes. Sharing her remodeling journey along the way, she’s remains honest and open on her successes and challenges. “I believe that you should love where you live and live what you love.”
Dana Barka President of Barka Communications, Inc., who has mastered the art of work-life balance as a wife and mother and entrepreneur. The ultimate marketer and business writer who mentors along the way. Co-creator and co-star of the channel Sweet Tea and Baby Jesus, which allows her to let her hair down. Dabbler in topics including business, parenting, politics, culture and just anything that comes to mind. “You don’t need sophisticated business plans, millions in venture capital or a sophisticated marketing plan to launch your idea. You need dedication, desire and the willpower to push past your fears!”
April Duncan aka “Ms. April” Co-owner and co-founder of the St. Louis Play Therapy Institute. Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Registered Play Therapist who owns her own practice where she lives in St. Louis, MO. A passion chaser who left retail management to pursue her calling with children and their families. The “Fun Auntie” who enjoys spoiling and sending back home the children in her village.
Niccole “DNC” Coleman Creator of H.E.R. Crisis, poet, writer and author of Amazon Best-seller Untraditional and Like. Love. Lust. The ultimate multi-tasker and passion pusher. Family woman who loves marketing and lives for writing. The quintessential Queen of all trades and master of none—Today’s Renaissance Woman. Catch her on her personal blog at TheChroniclesofDNC.wordpress.com  “All I’ve got is words, wine and coffee!”


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