Sweet Ideas for All Things Spring

The Simplicity Of It All

Although Spring is still a couple of weeks away, we have a few great ideas to get you in the mood for All Things Spring.  Ideas that are fun, easy, and budget friendly.  As you know—we at Tableworthy believe that setting the table sets the tone for all of your precious moments and special occasions.  In keeping with the old saying “less is more,”—Simplicity will be the order of the day.  These are a couple ideas for setting a dessert table. These examples are for serving after a heavy meal. Depending on the type of meal served you can serve a heavy rich dessert to complete a meals such as pot roasts, turkey or pork or offer something light an fluffy for lighter meals such as fish, poultry or vegetables.

Cheesecake and Yogurt Parfait Display

I don’t know about you but after a meal I am always looking for something sweet to complete my pallet. You always want to finish your dinner party strong by offering dessert after a heavy meal. This particular dessert display has refreshing mixed berries and rich homemade cheesecake that leaves your guests with a great taste in their mouths. Accompany your dessert with some hot coffee or tea and pour the last bottle of wine for your guests. Putting the finishing touches on a beautiful meal shared with family, friends or peers will send your guests home happy and full .

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