How To Set a Table with Target and Dollar Tree Products

Hidden Gems

I absolutely love the Target Dollar section and Dollar Tree. There are so many little hidden gems within these aisles you wouldn’t believe. I think for a creative person such as myself this leaves open opportunity to expand my ideas. These particular stores have a lot of valuable pieces that can be easily custom designed to fit your theme and most importantly affordable. When setting a Spring Theme keep in mind a few pointers to help you stay on track.

Stay Focused

For a person like me it’s hard to stay focused among all the many cute pieces. My mind races through all the different types of projects I could be doing. There are so many options to rummage through in the bens, you have to keep your mind focus on what lies ahead. What works best for me is going into Target and Dollar Tree with a list of items I need. Having a list eliminates any other projects I could be doing. Once you found the items you need to dress your table make sure to check it off your list. Don’t add to your list because you think you may need it……it’s only a dollar right?

Shop Strategically

When I plan to gather items to dress my table I use certain stores for different needs. For example, I shop at Target for all my color coordinating pieces. Target’s Dollar Section changes seasonally so you would often find pieces such as plates, gift boxes, table decorations and more. I admit I can shop in that section for hours and fill up a whole basket. However, the Dollar store is where I get all my hard pieces such as vases, mugs and wine glasses. Its also a place for gifting supplies. I can prepare goodie bags for my guests with the variety of gift bags and wrapping paper options.

Diagram It Out

I’m not an artist by trade but I imagine the look I want to create for my table and how I want everything placed. I refer to my Pinterest for color scheme and inspiration to design my own unique table setting. I’m more of a visual person, so browsing through boards gets my creative juices flowing. It also helps to draw a rough sketch of what you envision just so you have a little guide to help you set up your pieces. Again, I am not big on drawing but I typically do a dry run and set up the table how I like and snap a picture of it. Sometimes it helps to do a few different set ups and choice the best one.

Have Fun

I know it’s tempting to purchase a lot of nifty crafting objects but don’t break your pockets. Keep in mind the stores are not going anywhere and those pieces you may find hard to leave behind can always be ordered later. Creating your own table setting shouldn’t be a chore but a fun personal project. Enjoy the idea of how your guests will feel when they see all that you have created. Everyone has their own unique taste, discover yours at Target and Dollar Tree.


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