My First Appearance-The Good, Bad and Ugly

My First Time

Working full-time, being a wife and a new mother to an 8 month old ain’t easy. I have a full plate and what did I do to my plate? I decided to add on a small business. Hobby turned business I made up my mind to endure the struggle. What was I thinking, starting a small business? There is so much involved in creating a “small” business that most are not aware. So I created a business checklist to guide me along the way, start a blog-check, purchase a logo-check, company branding-check. I’m ready to go! Now it’s time for me to present myself for the first time to my community-I’m ready right?

Making The Appearance

I love connecting with people on business levels. A conversation with a good friend lead me to the perfect opportunity to make my first appearance. A creature of habit, I created a countdown checklist to make my first appearance as an official event styling company. Purchase vendor booth space-check, purchase materials and supplies-check, craft my products-check and develop company branding-check. So my evenings after work consisted of crafts, personalizing my product and perfecting each item.

Determination Is the Key

Hard work is suppose to pay off so a few late nights and large coffees in the morning,  I just new I was going to be successful at the event.  People were drawn to my color schemes, styles and demos. They asked questions about my business service and they sampled the products.I was customer friendly, knowledgeable and confident-that still works with people right? I made mistake number one-I jumped right into the sell without getting to know my customer first. I learned that people enjoy a good story, they want to be pampered and eased into your product. Establish a need and provide the solution.


People love free stuff! everyone was having a good time playing games and walking away with goodie bags full of samples and treats. One booth got so much attention their line was backing up in my vendor space. What could they possibly be doing to attract so many people? As I was passing out flyers and business cards I noticed that the other vendors where entertaining their visitors. These companies were engaging with their potential customers by providing simple items like water, snacks and fun games for the kids. During that time they were explaining to people their services. Which brings me to mistake number two-lack of engagement with my potential customers. How can someone be able to trust and purchase my service or products if they haven’t tried it yet? Create an environment to open up conversation.

Making the Connection

I had the tent set up, my table was visually appealing with my products. I was able to network and talk with potential clients about upcoming weddings and birthday parties. We discussed the  styling process and how I can help. This event was the type of environment to meet and greet potential clients. It gave me the chance to get to know what people are looking for and their reason for seeking my services. Whether it be the non-creative client or the inspiration driven type- everyone that came to visit my booth had a problem that I needed to solve. Which leads me to mistake number 3- not collecting contact information for follow up. Don’t leave opportunity for them to find another company to solve their problem-Be the Hero!

Until Next Time

Although some common mistakes were made, I took the first step in setting myself up for success. I made the commitment to start a company helping people find practical solutions to styling their events. I took my first jump in meeting my potential clients and I learned how I can solve their problems. I’m the mother who pays attention to detail, I am the wife that supports your vision and I am the event stylist that will work full-time to make your event come true

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