The Best Place for Gifts and Party Favors

Kind Gestures Gifting

It’s important to provide my clients with access to gifts and party favors for their guests. With the stress of styling your event it’s helpful to find all your options in one spot. I made it easy to visualize, design and order. My Etsy Shop, Kind Gestures Gifting gives you inspiration for crafting perfect gifts and party favors. The shop contains a variety of fun and useful  gift and party favor options for any special occasion.

Sugar Scrubs and Body Butters

At Kind Gestures Gifting I offer sugar scrubs and body butters that contain natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil and granulated sugar. All items are available for gifting and party favors. Don’t see what you like? personalized your selection with a few easy steps. Select the color, ribbon and scent with your item to match your theme. I keep the process simple and perfect each detail. All Items will be uniform and consistent to meet your event goals.

Soy Candles

Nothing says thank you for visiting like a beautiful scented soy candle. Free of toxins and chemicals they burn bright and last longer than normal candles. Enjoy the light flickers dancing in your home. Fill your living space with a Floral, Spa or Citrus scents of your choice. Soy Candles are safe and add a personal touch to your home décor.

Beautiful Gift Boxes

Searching for the perfect gift can be confusing with all the many options available online. Instead of purchasing all the items separately, I offer bundle packages that all complement each other with color and fragrance. I’m big on personalization, so you have the option to select your gift box style, ribbon, crinkle color and mix and match batches to find your own style.

Kind Gestures Gifting

Kind Gestures Gifting is about giving from the heart. I’ve always appreciated when someone takes the time to think about me. It makes you feel special, loved and most of all appreciated for whatever you do to earn someone’s kindness. A simple card or candle to light up their world does more for someone than you can imagin. You never know what people go through in life or may understand their world but giving can change everything. Keep that in mind when you see someone that can use a smile!

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