Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Special Day

Wow! I can’t believe how time flies, this time last year I only had a few months left in my pregnancy.  I was definitely feeling it; the back pains, kicking my ribs at night, I couldn’t even see my own feet unless they were prompt up. It’s definitely something I will never forget. That little gift that was forming inside of me was worth every bit of the 39 week journey. Now I know why mother’s would threaten to take you out this world if you cross them the wrong way-bringing you in the world ain’t easy. So part of my project this month I wanted to take the time to send my mother a little something made with love.

Handcrafted Gifts

Ever since I can remember, I have always made my mother’s gifts. To this day she still has every painting, drawing and macaroni necklace I have ever put together. Of course, I have got older so my gifts are usually in the form of gift cards, surprise visits or a special card in the mail. It’s so funny because my mother never wants me to send her anything, all she cares about is my family putting away a savings-she rather we put the money towards our future than material things. My mom has always preached to me about the importance of saving, so of course once my son gets old enough to count money we will have the same conversation. For this mother’s day I thought I go old school and create a small spa bag for my mother. This allows me opportunity to put a little away in savings and invest in something special for my mother.

Someone Special Spa Bag

It’s always soothing to grab a glass of wine and break out my Cricut to start on my designs. I was actually lucky to find this bag in my favorite section in Target- The Dollar Spot. It was the only one left and was an absolute perfect choice. It was a great color, no other images were on the bag and large enough for goodies. Since this was for my mother, I didn’t want to go to crazy with the embellishments so I kept it simple with adding on a little vinyl cut. I browsed the many images I could use and this one stood out the most because it was for, Someone Special.


Adding A Personal Touch

No gift is complete without a card, it adds that personal touch. Since it’s the Mother’s Day Season there were many images to choose from in my Cricut Design Space. Again, because I know my mom so well I needed a card that was detailed and elegant at the same time. I lucked out and found some beautiful cardstock at Michaels on sale-70% off and the colors were amazingly soft-perfect for creating a handcrafted card. As the Cricut cut my beautiful piece I was amazed at the quality of the work. I told myself, I would never buy another card again-unless I am pressed for time.


Can’t Go Wrong With Candles

I am huge fan of Yankee Candle. I love the business concept, how the store is set up and especially the little handbags, samples and coupons you get when you make a purchase. The store is just to darn cute. It inspired me to start making my own candles as a hobby. I found this beautiful scent, Honey Suckle and Jasmine- between the reviews and description I just knew it would be the perfect scent for my mother. Soy Candles are more environmentally safe and burn slower. This soy candle fits well with my spa bag.


Scrubs, Body Butters and Soap Bars

No Spa bag is complete without some luxurious Sugar Scrubs and Body Butters. These particular gifts are easy to make and nourish the skin. I found these cute pop top jars in Michaels, perfect for my bag and great size. These jars have so much character all that was needed were labels and ribbon. With the right ingredients and the sweet fragrance of Honey Almond, I created an all natural product that scrubs away the dead skin and moisturizes the new skin.


To complete the ultimate moisturizing system, I added in some heart shaped Oatmeal and Shea Butter Melt and Pour Soap Bars. These soap bars help reinforce the conditioning process for your skin. Keeping it healthy and clean. So to recap the moisturizing process follow these steps:

  • Sugar Scrub: Run warm water on your hands and scoop out a small amount of sugar scrub, gently rub your hands together. Rinse hands thoroughly.
  • Oatmeal Shea Soap Bars: Gently run warm water on your hands applying the soap bar to work up a small lather. Remember this has sugar inside so it’s still exfoliating the skin. Rinse hands thoroughly.
  • Body Butter: Pat hands dry and take a small amount of butter and softly run through hands. This locks in the moisture and makes your hands soft to the touch.

That Beautiful Smile

Nothing makes me more happy than to get a phone call from my mom and know that she was pleasantly surprised with her well thought out spa gift bag. I can see that beautiful smile through the phone. Each piece was crafted specifically with her in mind. I enjoyed this project because I know it will bring my mother joy and it created a since of peace for me.

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