Cooking With The Hendons

Honey What’s for Dinner?

This is a common question in the Hendon household. I’m actually blessed to have married a man that cooks and cleans! Very rare to come by this type. During the week it’s a race to get home, get comfortable and start cooking a meal. Soon as I kick my shoes off and wind down for the day my hopes of cooking a fantastic meal start to dwindle. You know that feeling-the mommy turn down mode.

Mommy Turn Down Mode

Work cloths come off, hair in a bun, makeup is removed and those sweat pants slide on. It’s the mommy turn down mode, if I sit down it’s pretty much over! Everyday is a long day and you have to muster up enough energy to take care of home. Luckily there is another team member in the household I can tag in to cover when my energy levels are low. However, on the weekends it becomes a team effort.

Cooking With The Hendons

This past weekend we had a craving for Chinese food. I started browsing my Pinterest for an easy recipe where I had most of the ingredients in my pantry.  We both agreed that we wanted to incorporate fresh ingredients into our meal but still had that take out feel. This Ginger was in our local Publix at a great price per pound. We didn’t necessarily need this much but decided it would be good to have to incorporate in other dishes.


Preparation Time

Together we teamed up and cut the ginger into finger size portions for a good grip so we can use a cheese grater on the root. As you firmly run the fresh ginger through the grater your hit with warm notes of spices. The fresh ginger smell puts your mind at ease. According to Medical News Today Ginger is widely known to aid in the relief of digestive problems that pertain to nausea and inflammation. It’s the perfect ingredient to our dish.


Another great fresh ingredient we added to our meal is Garlic. I don’t prefer to purchase the minced garlic because it take away from the freshness. This herb may look difficult to work with but not as intimidating as it seems. Just simply break off one of the cloves and place your knife firmly on top and give it a good pop on the top. This should break all the access shells around that beautiful garlic clove. This is another bold herb, where you don’t necessarily need that much to get the taste and aroma for your dish. The World’s Healthiest Foods mentioned that garlic is known for it’s potential to reduce risk of certain cancers.

I seriously doubt that you get any nutritional value out of Chinese take-out due to heavy grease and sodium in take but our dish turned out to hit the spot! Adding small changes like white rice for brown rice and incorporating fresh herbs and light seasoning made this dish. It may be easier to order take out but we cooked a well balanced meal with great nutritional value and take-out feel

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