Parenting Matters: It Takes a Village

It Takes A Village

It takes a village to raise tomorrow’s future leaders. That’s why parenting matters for our sons and daughters. I heard this statement It Takes a Village on numerous occasions and the meaning didn’t quite hit home for me till I saw how my parents interact with my son. The time and attention they invest in making sure he has everything is amazing. My mother is adamant on making sure he has books and puzzles to quench his curiosity. My dad tries his best to surround him with anything related to golf. The grand parenting is super essential to the growth and development of my son.

Love and Support

So far in my motherhood journey I have learned that being a parent requires you to develop ingredients to sprinkle on your children. These ingredients are used to shape and mold our children to be successful adults in a corrupt society. It takes a whole family to contribute love and support for our little ones. Love and support gives a child security and protection to survive in society. As my son get’s older I always want him to understand where he can always find love and support. I hope he knows that love and support is never found at the bottle of a bottle, with those you may call friends or even in a clubs. Love and support will always be at home.

Seeking Refuge

It’s my goal to make sure my son knows that he can seek refuge at home no matter how bad things may get. When a child starts to wonder and their loyalty lies somewhere else you almost loose your child to the world. Part of my parenting is to create a place of refuge for my child, a place to patch up and face the world stronger and better . A boxer fighting for his life looks back in his corner and sees the whole team waiting to assist with the cuts and bruises. When my son becomes a man he will look back and see his family there with open arms.

Parenting Matters

My son is growing so fast and while he evolves into this successful, strong man I hope he takes the values, morals and characteristics instilled in him and use it to serve the purpose God has chosen for him. What type of parenting matters to you the most? While parents come well experienced with matters of the world, what do you expect from your child? Leave a comment and share some of your expectations for your children today.

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