Five Reasons To Bring Family Back To The Dinner Table

Bringing Families Back To The Table

In the world of Social Media, Reality TV and Smartphones Family Dinner time has almost become non-existent. Trying to bring families back to the table is almost impossible to accomplish with the many distractions in the world. I can remember when I was a kid, I looked forward to dinner at home. I would rush home fresh off the school bus, drop my book bag at the door and run straight to the kitchen to see what’s on the stove top. My dad did the cooking at home and he always made sure we had good nutritious meals because that one slice a pizza, fries and milk at school just didn’t cut it for me.

Quality time may not be priority within a family but it’s so vital to a family’s success. It builds a sense of security, loyalty and trust, families form a bond around the dinner table. I would love to see families go back to the dinner table because it’s the heart of the home. So I created five good reasons to bring your family back to the dinner table.

Open Table

Before Facebook became the main place to vent problems, interesting encounters or announce accomplishments,  the dinner table was an open table to share this information. This is the place you can share with love one’s the highs and lows of your day or speak about whatever is bothering you. The dinner table is a safe place to speak freely your opinions without judgement. The discussions may be controversial but no love is lost when surrounded by family.

Catch Up

The dinner table is also a good place to catch up on family affairs and upcoming events. No matter what type of lifestyle you live, balancing home and work can be difficult. Trying to maintain balance can lead to errors or forgetfulness. The dinner table is a great place to eliminate those errors by discussing family doctors’ appointments or recreational activities. These little reminders will keep you well informed and supportive of family affairs.

Gain Wisdom

Besides Google, another great place to gain wisdom is at the dinner table among people who have walked in your shoes and learned from trail and error. At the dinner you can get good quality advice for any situation you my face in life . Your among good company take advantage of the knowledge. I can’t tell you how much good advice I received from family at the dinner table that got me that job interview, that taught me how to handle co-workers or encouragement to keep going when I had nothing left to give.

Love and Laughter

The dinner table can be a place to share love and laughter. The best stories are told around the dinner table. The kind of stories that make you choke on your ice tea, makes your belly ache, or bring tears of joy to your eyes. The love shared among family makes you hold hands with bowed heads giving thanks to God for the hands that prepared the meal.

Best Memories

The best memories are made from the dinner table. Remember the movie, The Temptations? towards the end of the movie Otis and Melvin go back to Mama Rose’s house for Sunday dinner. Mama Rose cooked so much food, remembering all the joy and laughter it brought those young men when they were struggling trying to make it. She cooked so much because she remembered the good old times her meals brought to her dinner table. No matter how fast life passes you by family members will always remember the heart of the home.

As you can see, bringing family back to the dinner table is not just about the meal. It’s a time to speak your mind freely without judgement. A place to catch up with each other’s lives outside the home. The dinner table can become a teaching opportunity to learn something for your own gain. A meal can bring love and laughter which is always healthy for the soul. Most importantly, bringing family back to the dinner table creates lasting memories that can be passed on and shared with the next generations. How many will be dining with you tonight? Please share some of your favorite dinner moments with your family.

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