My Child’s First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party
I can’t believe my son first birthday just snuck up on me. I remember during my pregnancy people would tell me, ” This time is going to fly by….before you know it he will be celebrating his first birthday.” Oh boy! were they not kidding. I can’t believe how fast the first year of my son’s life came and gone. I’ve always enjoyed doing things on a small scale so the planning of his first birthday was just an opportunity for me to have a intimate get-together with family. Now I have seen families throw extravagant first birthday parties and they are just too darn cute but for me and my party styling I like to keep it simple and manageable.
Party Décor and Theme
Well you know my first order of business is to figure out a Party Décor and Theme. Of course, I gain all my inspiration from my favorite app, Pinterest. It’s chalked full of ideas for just about any party you would like to throw. Of course there is tons of ideas for a baby boy’s first birthday and I love them all. If you have been following my party style you know I like to do things on a unique scale so I chose to go with the John Deere theme and colors. This theme is very popular for little boys because it involves tractors, hay bales and farming activities. I could have went crazy with the party décor and theme but I had to keep in mind I only invited a small amount of people over so no need to go over the top.
Food and Beverages
Since I was working with a small crowd that cuts down on the food and beverage portion of the planning. I kept it simple by providing my guests with hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, cake and drinks. We fired up the barbeque grill and let the kids enjoy the pool. Anytime I am entertaining I love to go buy my paper goods, beverages and meats in bulk at BJs Wholesale Club. Purchasing wholesale allows me to stretch my dollar and have enough for everyone to enjoy without the fear of running out. However, for my special items like the birthday cake I wanted that specially made from Publix. Since Publix did my wedding cake, I decided to keep the tradition going by having my son’s first birthday cake made by them. Set up was easy and the leftovers are always delicious!
Many More Birthdays
There will be many more birthday celebration to come for my son, but his first birthday was very precious to me. Even though my son may have no understanding of what the day meant, it meant the world to me to create the memory. I wanted him to feel special, loved and happy. Every child should be able to enjoy their birthday in all types of party styles. Whether it be just immediate family, ice cream and cake or a backyard barbeque creating a Tableworthy Moment will last forever!

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