Dinner on Friday Nights

Going out to dinner on a Friday nights have become nightmare. Long waits for tables, the food quality terrible and the prices for a family to enjoy a meal is just too high. Granted, I love when I can take a break from the kitchen every once in awhile.  Usually when I get off work starting the weekend I’m usually not in the mood to cook a hot meal but today starts a new tradition. The same meals I once craved at restaurants I am not dedicating myself to cook at home. Don’t get me wrong I still love a good sit down meal at a nice cooked to order restaurant but I am going to have to limit my visits.

Sweet Pepper Salmon

Tonight I stopped in my favorite grocery store Publix and picked up a tasty recipe, Sweet Pepper Salmon. Of course, most of the ingredients I already have at home so this won’t take no time to prepare. Lately, when I order Salmon at restaurants it comes back to me two different ways; usually really oily or extremely dry. In my mind for the price I am paying for my Omega 3s the quality shouldn’t be less than perfect. So tonight I am attempting to meet my taste buds and prepare this simple Salmon dinner. Let’s get started!


First thing you want to make sure to do is wash your seafood good. I love the fresh seafood from Publix and I trust they handle with care but I always make sure to wash an check for bones. Of course these beautiful cuts already had the skin removed, no bones, good color and had the normal salmon smell. Keep in mind that this process should never be skipped or the consequences could ruin your whole weekend. Prepare and utilize a clean surface when handling seafood.

Easy Bread Crumbs

This recipe called for making a bread crumb texture to coat the Salmon with. It required smoked almonds but since I am not a big fan of smoked flavor almonds I just purchased raw regular whole almonds. Thanks to my Vitamix I was able to create a great almond bread crumb texture. Inside the Vitamix I blended together Whole Almonds, Salt Free Garlic and Herb seasoning, Chili Powder and Paprika. The consistency of the almond crumb texture was spot on.


Almond Crumbs Meet Salmon

Now it’s time for the Almond Crumbs to Meet the Salmon. The only reason why I used the method instead of the zip lock bag (which would have been much better) is because I thought I had some zip lock bags at home and of course I didn’t. Next I coated each piece with the Almond Crumb seasoning. The only part I messed up, I should have pat dry the Salmon and then sprayed the cooking oil so the crumbs can stick better. However, you live and learn. Next time I will prep better.

Cast Iron Skillet Cooking
I just love cooking with my Cast Iron Skillet, you can do just about anything and everything in here. While I was preparing my ingredients I previously had this skillet greased up and warm for the Salmon. Now that it was hot and ready I placed each piece in and enjoyed the sizzling noise and aroma from the almond crumbs. 4 minutes on each side and then I added the sauce which consisted of Light Soy Sauce, Honey and Dijon Mustard.

Side Dishes
While the sauce was sizzling over my Salmon, I started working on the side dish. This side dish was a light salad that contained Zucchini, Tomatoes, Carrots, Green Onions, Basil Paste, Olive Oil. The recipe called for Balsamic Vinaigrette but I subsisted Olive Oil instead. This was quick and easy to toss and place in the fridge to crisp.

Sweet Pepper Salmon
This dish turned out pretty good for my first try. I cooked some brown rice to go with the meal. I did a comparison to the picture on the recipe and I would say for my first try it wasn’t too far off. I was proud of myself, I cooked a gourmet meal for half the cost and added a glass of red wine for less the stress. This beats standing in line waiting for a table any day. How has your recent experience been with restaurant on Friday nights been lately?

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