Five Tips To Start Practicing Self-Care

What’s the number one killer nationwide? Something overlooked and often underestimated. It’s so precious and easily taken for granted. The number one killer nationwide my friends is time. As precious it may be, why do we spend most of the time fulfilling others needs instead of our own? Although easily said than done we will start with five tips to help you get started practicing self-care.

Commit To Scheduling Time For Self Care Daily

I have been there, it’s just not enough time in the day to get everything done. My favorite is when I look up from my workload and it’s already 5pm. Where in the world am I going to find time for self-care? I have dinner to cook, a baby to bathe and load of laundry waiting for me when I get off. Basically, a bunch of excuses and not enough commitment. You must be fully committed to scheduling time in the day for self-care. Whether it be early morning sunrise and coffee, lunchtime walk or late evening glass of wine. Make time to include you in your daily routine is crucial. Staying committed will create a habit.

Make A Simple List Of Self Care Activities

Now that you have committed to a specific time of day for yourself. Make a list of activities you wish to indulge in. These don’t have to be extravagant or require a large portion of your day. This could be simple and meaningful things you like to do. If you’re into health and wellness schedule a day where you enjoy your favorite physical activity. These could be whether yoga for meditation or a nice run to clear your mind. The next day schedule that coffee shop visit and finish up that Netflix binge you may working through. Make sure it’s a different activity every day. Having a variety of plans builds anticipation for the next day.

Record Your Self Care Memories

In addition to your commitment to self-care and list of activities; make sure to record some memories so you know which ones to do more or less of. This could be a small journal you keep or social media selfie. Recording your activities encourages you to stay committed. It helps you prepare ideas for your next week. Be creative and start forming your own collection of personal self-care activities. You never know, someone may want to join you on your journey and need some advice on how to get started.

Get To Know Yourself In the Process

While in process of starting a self-care regiment you will have the opportunity to get to know yourself more. Remember this is much needed time for yourself so clear any distractions that keep you from hearing yourself think. Let your family and friends get used to not being easily reachable during a certain timeframe (unless its an emergency). Be about the business of learning your self-worth and happiness. Tap into those unknown areas you may have been curious to try. You may have a love for literature and create your own book club collection. What about old hobbies you stopped doing such as painting or baking. This is a perfect time to pick those habits back up again.

Things Come Up Have A Plan B

This may seem very time consuming and unrealistic but it’s very much a part of keeping a healthy lifestyle. Your mind, body, and soul are all connected so when one is down the others have to work overtime to keep you stable. Things come up and plans fail so schedule makeup days when your attention is needed elsewhere or increase the time for yourself to make up for what you lost. You are just as important as any other obligation. Do your best to not neglect your needs. Now you have the tools to get started, what do you have planned for yourself this week?


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