The Black Woman’s Survival Guide

“You can’t dump one cup of sugar into the ocean and expect to get syrup. If everybody sweetened her own cup of water, then things would begin to change.” – Florynce Kennedy A survival guide. It conjures images of adventurers like Bear Grylls navigating dense forests and river rapids like nature itself is not out to…

Your Best Plans Won’t Get You to the Finish Line

Tonight is Valentine’s Day. I’m supposed to be spending a romantic, low-key night with my husband.

Instead, I smell slightly of vomit.

The fight for my vagina

Originally posted on Sweet Tea and Baby Jesus If you’ve ever read anything on this or my Sweet Tea and Baby Jesus blog , you know that I am a proud mama. I have two sons that I absolutely adore. I wanted those two boys more than anything. I planned them like clockwork. The first…

Dear Black Women: Just Sit This One Out

Originally posted on Sweet Tea & Baby Jesus To my melanin rich sisters: let’s not mince words. America did a number on us on Election Day. Deep down, we knew. Didn’t we? We sucked it up when Hillary was nominated and said OK, I guess I’m with her. Sure, she was qualified for the position,…

3 Ways Trump Fans Can Show Everyone Else Some Love

For many people who didn’t vote for Trump, this campaign wasn’t just politics. Here are a few ways Trump voters can show the rest of the country a little love and grace. And you may not like what you hear.