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Looking for a home to share out your posts or videos? Have a message that is not only informative, but entertaining and uplifting? Contribute to H.E.R. Crisis to spread your message wider!

Fill out the form below, and include answers to the following statements, to be considered for our contributor program.Qualifications for a H.E.R. Crisis contributor include:

  • Actively blogging/writing: Weekly or bi-weekly postings on your site are necessary. We want to ensure that your portion of the H.E.R. audience can count on your words.
  • An outline of your expertise/voice: Who do you reach and why, I.e. where are your trying to go with your words. We want to make sure that we are not only adding you to our roster but ensuring that we will help you meet your personal writing/blogging goals.
  • Active on social media, via your writing/blog: It’s crucial that our audience is able to connect with you along with you supporting our efforts.
  • Your message is positive: We are looking for uplifting, informative and engaging content for this “center”. With a focus on reaching African-American women in some way.

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FYI, when you partner with H.E.R., it’s like we go together.