Because of H.E.R. (Heirs of Everything Revolutionary) the sky is the limit and there is no crisis she can’t handle. We will make sure of it.

H.E.R. Crisis was grown from a personal blog by Niccole “DNC” Coleman, Mid-WYFE Crisis, to flourish into a virtual center for women, particularly African-American women, to connect on all levels and around all issues concerning our community.

Need some weekly inspiration and motivation? Check out our Self-Care articles. Or are you looking for ideas on home projects (DIY, renovating or party planning)? Check out Home for weekly ideas. We’re not a niche blog, because women can and will do it all. Politics, food, fitness, parenting, and the list continues to grow! H.E.R. Crisis touches on it all.

Enjoy articles from writers, bloggers and vloggers that make lifestyle revelations while seeking soulful and spiritual revivals, as we come together to join this growing and powerful woman’s revolution.