One Havana Night Birthday Bash

There are a lot of things in life to be grateful for that many take for granted. These types of moments happen so fast, if you don’t capture the moment, it will be gone before you know it. When one reaches a certain milestone in their life  it’s a cause for celebration and never to … Continue reading One Havana Night Birthday Bash


My Child’s First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party I can’t believe my son first birthday just snuck up on me. I remember during my pregnancy people would tell me, ” This time is going to fly by….before you know it he will be celebrating his first birthday.” Oh boy! were they not kidding. I can’t believe how fast the first … Continue reading My Child’s First Birthday Party

The Best Place for Gifts and Party Favors

Kind Gestures Gifting It’s important to provide my clients with access to gifts and party favors for their guests. With the stress of styling your event it’s helpful to find all your options in one spot. I made it easy to visualize, design and order. My Etsy Shop, Kind Gestures Gifting gives you inspiration for crafting perfect gifts and party favors. The … Continue reading The Best Place for Gifts and Party Favors

How To Set a Table with Target and Dollar Tree Products

Hidden Gems I absolutely love the Target Dollar section and Dollar Tree. There are so many little hidden gems within these aisles you wouldn’t believe. I think for a creative person such as myself this leaves open opportunity to expand my ideas. These particular stores have a lot of valuable pieces that can be easily … Continue reading How To Set a Table with Target and Dollar Tree Products