Indie Author Perks You Should Know

Amazon sent an email to its indie authors asking us to speak about why we like being indie. Here’s my response plus the ultimate writing tip! #PoweredByIndie

New cover, new outlook, same sexy verbiage.

Originally posted on The Chronicles of DNC:
If you have been following my social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) you might have noticed something different…yep my book cover. Here are five reasons why I change my book cover: Change for the better: As a businesswoman and a marketer, I understand that sometimes you have…

[Mid-WYFE Motivation] It’s okay…live in the moment!

Good morning world! I’ve driven home many times in my posts that life is too short. That we must live each day as if it was our last. Well today’s post is focused on living in those rare unbelievable, unimaginable, and amazing moments, in this short life. So it’s no surprise that I’ve fallen at…