‘Love Notes’ just in Time for Valentine’s Day

It’s a love thing and #blacklove is a beautiful sight. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, take a lover’s break with a new YouTubing couple, Shanna and G-mo, who share their journey through a long distance relationship to engagement and more. Catch the first episode of Love Notes.

Indie Author Perks You Should Know

Amazon sent an email to its indie authors asking us to speak about why we like being indie. Here’s my response plus the ultimate writing tip! #PoweredByIndie

3 Ways Trump Fans Can Show Everyone Else Some Love

For many people who didn’t vote for Trump, this campaign wasn’t just politics. Here are a few ways Trump voters can show the rest of the country a little love and grace. And you may not like what you hear.

Fear is a tool — Learn it, use it and watch great things happen.

Fear; commonly used as a deterrent for an action. A way to impede or avoid change. Most are reluctant to recognize a “fear”. They would rather disguise it with words like “risky” or “impossible”. Something like: I can’t start my own business, it’s too risky. I could never go back to school, it’s impossible. Both…

New cover, new outlook, same sexy verbiage.

Originally posted on The Chronicles of DNC:
If you have been following my social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) you might have noticed something different…yep my book cover. Here are five reasons why I change my book cover: Change for the better: As a businesswoman and a marketer, I understand that sometimes you have…