[Mid-WYFE Motivation] Did you make that jump yet?


So over the last few posts I’ve talked about “cleaning house” mentally before entering the New Year, and then I challenged you to take steps toward those long-term goals that have mysteriously taken a back seat in your life.

Now since we’ve made it past the hard part, have you jumped yet? Have you made your first step? Have you taken action on that goal? If not, what are you waiting on?

Every now and then I listen to a very poignant motivational speaker by the name of Steve Harvey (Yes, I’m talking about Slip-up Steve from the Miss Universe Pageant). Prior to his most recent misstep, Mr. Harvey has flourished as a standup comedian, Family Feud host, a national syndicated radio host, a mentor to many and what I love most, an inspirational speaker for all who will listen.

This past week, my colleague passed along one of his speeches from a tapping session on Family Feud and it knocks home why it is essential for us to take action. He spoke to how we are already destined for greatness because of our gifts but how we must “jump out the plane” first in order to begin our journey to self-actualization.

“Every successful person, in this world, has jumped.” – Steve Harvey

I’ll sum up what his speech meant to me: In order to hit those goals — that success you see yourself reaching that is truly just waiting on you — you must strap on your gift a.k.a. “your parachute” and jump off that plane starting you on the most scariest, shocking, exhausting, thrilling, exciting, fulfilling journey of your life.

“You cannot just exist in this life. You have got to live.” – Steve Harvey

On this fall to the earth, we will be beaten up by “rocks”, knock down faster by turbulence and gravity, but one day our gifts, our parachute, will open up and we will be living the life we desire, not what is pushed on us. We will drive our journey to greatness.


This week, take that jump. I know I’m doing it with my first book and I’m bracing myself for some rocks and obstacles but I can’t tell you how exuberating this fall has begun. Good luck and hold on tight but know that’s worth every second.



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