I’m not a political person. I watch CNN because my husband forces it down my throat and I keep my ear to the ground for community-involved issues, but have yet to attend a town hall meeting. But that doesn’t matter to me, I chose to vote.

I chose to vote early not for myself, but for my children, my God kids, my nieces and nephews and for any child I’ve met or have yet to meet. I chose to vote because I believed in what civil rights activist fought for then and even now. I chose to vote because sometimes you’ve got to trust in your faith that even though what seems like a shaky decision is definitely the RIGHT decision for my kids. They deserved to grow up with a leader who will not only make history, but who continues to grow and learn at her age for the betterment of society.

What a thought right? An old dog can learn new tricks…if they want to. It’s a choice, just like your vote.

I’m not a political person, but I have morals and values that I want my children to inherit so what better way for them to do so than to watch their mother do it first.

I’m asking you to go vote even though you are not a politician, or that you feel 100% sure about Hillary Rodham Clinton, but for my kids and for any child around you. They deserve to have a true leader, a pace-setter and an encouraging believer because this world isn’t perfect but damnit, they can continue that plight with a right and just leader.

Today’s Motivation: Vote because it’s your right and our children are entrusting their future with you. #ivote #vote2016 #myvote2016

Resources for voting:

-DNC full-georgia-voter-pic



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