It’s not time to slow down; finish up the year strong!


Normally, around this time of the year, we are preparing ourselves for holiday joy overload. And in preparation for such exhaustion, we end up hitting autopilot for our personal endeavors.

I normally clean my cube about once or twice a week, go to a few more festive occasions around the office and just totally fall off of the writing wagon. You know, allowing my brain a rest. But, who needs rest when so many opportunities are STILL waiting for us.


This is the perfect time to set some quick deadlines to knock out those last minute goals, ensuring that you bring in 2017 right. So with this short, but direct post, I’m sharing my YE plan.lll_cover_winningcover_c_nov2016_front

  1. Release my second book – DONE! Like. Love. Lust.. is now available on Amazon and coming to a Barnes and Noble near you soon! Go grab your copy off Amazon or order your autographed copy (+bonus gift) for $20 here!
  2. Finish up inspirational merchandise, i.e. Coffee and Wine Thoughts: 2017 Calendar – In process and out by next week.
  3. Set book tour dates for 2017 – In process and will be completed by mid-Dec.

Now, what are you going to do?


This week, make a deadline to knock out something by Dec. 31, that will get your 2017 started right.  Plan next year’s budget to align with an investment goal. Squeeze in some training or a conference to get your mind on the right path, like this weekend’s Living your dream IS a part of your being Workshop.

Finish the year strong! There is still enough time to get to finish something you couldn’t; complete something you half-assed; or at least start something you didn’t realized you needed to do.  You aren’t done yet!

Bests, DNC



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  1. Dana B. says:

    You are MOVING like the wind! 2016 is pretty much a wrap for me but I’m going to spend this last month getting ready for my sales and marketing blitz that starts on January 4!

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