Kids Just Don’t Understand: Parents/Adults are Actually SMART!

I know you think I got that title wrong since Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff originally let us know that Parents just don’t understand, but I really think it’s the other way around.

So I’m raising three girls right—two teenagers and a toddler—and they are all wonderful, but the only issue is that they think they are all smarter than me. It’s the craziest thing I ever seen.


For example my toddler is now at the point where she understands “yes”, “no”, “move that here” and “don’t do that”. So when I say “no don’t put that shoe in your mouth” she puts it down. But why when I turn around all, as if I can’t see her from my peripheral, the shoes flies back into her mouth. It’s like a new day has began and mommy forgot all about the conversation that we just had, which in reality was but seconds ago. I mean, that only makes sense right? Her little brain just decided that I only meant that a minute ago, not two. Silly mother.

Or why when I walk in my teenagers room and say “get off the phone, it’s too late” that the immediate response is “I’m not on it”. Oh so I imagine you darting the phone under pillow as I opened the door. Or maybe my ears weren’t working right when I paused to listen at your door, where I heard you talking to another person on speaker before I even opened the door. Silly me, that was probably you throwing your voice as you talked with your imaginary friend right?

I totally understand now why those epic words my mom dropped “been there, done that” ring so loudly in my mind. We were all that naiive and annoying.


So in just in case any of my daughters are reading this, I would like to share a quick message:

Dear beautiful, smart and determined daughters,

I was once a child, specifically a daughter, before you. SO I know EXACTLY what’s going on! Your grandmother ain’t raise no fool!

Love, Mom

P.S. No you CAN NOT  wear those shorts outside of the house!


Kids just don’t understanding!



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