Thrifted Bar Cart Makeover

A few weekends ago, I found this bar cart at Goodwill for $5 and although I had not particular use for it at time, I just couldn’t leave it in the store.

 Recently, I have decided to start building my arsenal of libations for when we have guests, but as I purchased different drink options, I realized that I had no where to store them. That’s when it hit me that the thrifted cart would make the perfect bar cart with a little tweaking.

To makeover this cart, I used my favorite gold metallic spray paint by Krylon, Designfolie Marble Contact paper, and foam board (not pictured).I also removed two of the shelves that came with the cart so that I could store a variety of different bottle types.

Since the weather has been so beautiful, I went outside and I applied several coats of spray paint to my cart. I just love how the color came out!

I then cut a couple pieces of foam board and wrapped the marble contact paper to create a solid shelving option for each cart shelf.

An voila! Such a simple makeover for such a big bang!





I just love how it turned out and it’s a great addition to my family room table top bar. You can check out that post here.

Well, that’s all for today. I hope that everyone is having a fantastic week.

Until next time…


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