Scandal Me Please: A Proud Addict of a Powerful Black Woman

“Hi, my name is Niccole, and I’m addicted to Scandal.”

*crowd responds* “Hi Niccole!”

And to be perfectly honest, I’m a proud addict to this award-winning, culture-shifting series–even if I wasn’t totally ecstatic by the last season—it doesn’t matter. I’m a ride-or-die fan and I can’t wait to tune in tonight!


I don’t do LHH any city and I’ve had to let the Housewives go, but Scandal has truly made a place in my heart for several reasons:
1. Shonda Rhimes is a beast! Besides her overall character and stamina for keeping up with her many shows—what is she at like six now—she’s changing how black women are view by each episode, one power move at a time.

2. Scandal, for me, is the perfect mix of all the things that scare my soul, rock my values and entice my senses. Let’s break it down; A black woman, who was raised by her father after her mother “died”, is absolutely dedicated to getting who she feels is the perfect candidate, Fitz, to rule the free world–a married white man from a wealthy background—but ends up mixing business with pleasure by becoming his part-time mistress. All while she’s “finding herself” through various love affairs, becoming an elite entrepreneur, honing her skills as a dedicated manager to her cracked up staff and bossing up D.C. one crime at a time. And this is all in the first three seasons…we’re on season 6!


In my free time, I write. Preferably passion-fy, or poetic erotic romances, and this here show, knocks my socks off. The way that Shonda mixes the different moods, plot twists, character stories, genres in general, I am truly in awe of such a masterpiece.

Each night I don’t know if I’m going to fall out the bed trying to help solve some political mystery, get lost in the dreamy highs of a romance story, dig deep to control my urges with an erotic tale, learn how-to beat “the man” at his own game, cry with each sharp turn in a drama or die laughing from the endless quirks and perfect one liner from an obvious comedy. I just don’t know and I absolutely love it.


To be honest, Scandal is just the beginning of my night (sorry Grey’s Anatomy—I missed that boat), How To Get Away With Murder, or “What Who the Hell has Died, and When and How is Their Killer Going to Die”, is how I like to call it, takes me to an even higher level which I can’t address tonight. Maybe next week…#WhoKilledWes.

So join me, and the other six million people, who will be wine-sipping, twitter-twitching, white-turned-black hat wearing gladiators of tonight’s season six premiere. We are dying to live a day in Oliva Pope’s powerful shoes. Just for one damn day!


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