3 Reasons to Appoint Your Personal Board of Directors Now

Photo by Mohau Mannathoko on Unsplash

As a family woman who is trying to balance a professional life while pursuing my passion, it is vital that I don’t try to do this on my own. God didn’t put certain people in my life for fun. They are here for a purpose and their purpose grows every day as I move closer to fulfilling my own.

These people are my personal board of directors, some also label them as a core set of friends. These individuals that are not only in my life through the ups and downs, but they’re there to speak when I don’t want to hear anything and push me when I don’t think I can move. These are the people who help to bring value and perspective to my purpose. Can you identify those individuals in your life?

I can’t even put into writing how impactful and outstanding my board of directors has been in my life, and to be honest, everyone should feel that way about their own. So, if you don’t have a board in place–or maybe you need to re-elect some members–here are a few reasons why, as you get 2019 started, you should get your board together asap.

  1. You are your worst enemy and they play a key ally. Our inner thoughts and feelings can be detrimental to our purpose. For myself, this past week I was breaking down and ready to walk away from this whole thing. No more writing, blogging, trying, or pushing. But my board wouldn’t let me stop because they see what I can’t some days. There is nothing more powerful than a woman (or man) who stands next to you because they believe in you.
  2. You don’t know it all so use them as a resource. This does not mean only go with what they say, but take their feedback as advice and another POV on a potential decision. It’s all about making the best decision by being as informed as possible. Remember that you selected this board because you know they are valuable, so don’t miss an opportunity for them to use that asset.
  3. Death is inevitable so build a legacy now. This may seem harsh but it’s a reality. None of us know our last day, so why not take who you have in your life right now and grow. If your board is only one person, get with that person and talk about what you want to do in life, then let them help lift you up.

Oh, and always remember to serve your term if someone elects you to their board. That too is a part of your purpose and is an honor that someone has asked you to play that role in their life.

This week, focus on solidifying your personal board of directors. I promise it will improve your results for 2019 and for the rest of your life. God makes no mistakes. The importance in this “board” of individuals is truly immeasurable because they have one stake in the game, and that’s to make sure you live up to your purpose. PERIOD!


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