Why H.E.R. Voice is Important in Our History

Artwork by Unknown

As we kick off Women’s History Month, it only makes sense that we discuss several women focused on leaving their mark on the world.

African-American women have a pulse on the people. They’ve been gifted with many diverse talents and the greatest of them, the strength to uplift and nurture others. Doing so whenever it’s needed, no matter the crisis.

H.E.R. (Heirs of Everything Revolutionary) Crisis is a platform dedicated to providing a nurturing and encouraging space where conversations flourish about self-care, home, culture, parenting, art, career, food, and fitness – putting black women’s needs and thoughts at the forefront of the discussion.

Our contributors – or “life encouragers” – come from different backgrounds, live different lifestyles and share different POVs (point of views). But, the one thing they have in common is their dedication to seeing their fellow black women grow and flourish…and here’s why:

What motivates you to share your words with other black women?

“To watch another woman’s progress and smile. Sometimes I feel like we, black women, don’t smile enough. And our smile is so beautiful and powerful that society has made us feel as if it was inappropriate at times. They judge our skin tone with how white our teeth are. They speak as if big lips aren’t beautiful but people are paying to get close to their fullness. I just want to make us smile and hopefully, that is the first step in getting our minds on a more positive track, moving us all in the right direction.” – Niccole “DNC” Coleman, Creator and Contributor

“The burden we carry should be so much lighter, but it can be suffocating at times. I’m always driven to release my own load and tell other people how I did it.” – Dana Barka, Contributor

“I love black people, that’s enough motivation right there!” – Erin Marshall, Contributor

“Wisdom is useless if it is not shared with others. I hope my words can help someone overcome obstacles or hurdles.” – Chelsea Overstreet A.K.A. “The C.E.O.”, Contributor

“My motivation stems from the many mistakes I have made that I wish someone would have motivated me to think differently about. That would have encouraged me to make better choices. So, as a mother, wife, and women who wear many hats, I’m encouraging other women who are just like me to start taking time out for yourself. I simply just forget about me and I am always last so I am starting a movement for women to start taking care of you.” – Tenisha Hendon, Contributor

“I believe that it is important to create a safe environment for black women to come and be empowered, inspired, loved and heard. The world isn’t always going to do it so we must stick together so that we can build each other up.” – Michell Merritt, Guest Contributor

“For me, I want to break the barrier of mental health and let people know it’s okay to share your thoughts and feelings with a professional to get better.” – Melissa Webb, Guest Contributor


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