Show Up for Yourself – 5 Simple Self-care Tips

Photo by Clarke Sanders on Unsplash

H.E.R. Crisis Guest Blogger: Michell from Midlife Sassy

“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own to do list” -Michelle Obama

Do you want to know how to make self-care a daily routine in 2019? Are you ready to commit to self-care being a part of your well-being and emotional growth? Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Many times, this much needed concept is something we very often overlook. Good self-care is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety. It’s also key to a good relationship with oneself and others. Self-care matters because when we show up for ourselves, we have the energy and the motivation to show up for others in need.

Check out these simple ways on how to get started with your daily self- care routine.

Learn to say NO
Learning to say this word was a struggle for many years. As a single mom I said yes to my children more times than I should have. I was guilty of putting all of their needs before my own. I would frequently say “yes” to things out of guilt, or because I didn’t want to let them down or disappoint them. As a result, I ended up doing lots of things that I didn’t really want to do and that I didn’t have time for. The ability to make a decision can be both empowering and paralyzing. Each time you say yes to something you are saying no to something as well. Learning to say no is an important skill to acquire in order to maintain healthy relationships and boundaries.

Pay attention to your needs
Take a moment to reflect – what are the things that invigorate you? How can you factor more of these things into your week? Remember to reflect on the things that deplete you. If these can be avoided or minimized, take action. If they’re unavoidable, engage in some kind of nurturing act to make up for the shortfall. Stay focused on what gives you joy so that you will be more resilient in the face of life’s inevitable challenges.

Understand that self-care isn’t selfish
There’s a common perception out there that self-care is selfish. Basically, if you spend time alone, or time taking care of yourself, you’re neglecting everyone else in your life. It’s totally fine to take time for yourself because you are your priority and you deserve it. If you don’t you may find yourself feeling stressed, burned out, or overwhelmed, thus preventing you from caring for those around you.

Write it down
Journaling enables you to clear your mind and let go of the to do lists, emails and ideas running through your head and to just STOP thinking. The silence is priceless. You are able to self-reflect and truly engage with your thoughts and feelings. Journaling almost always improves your mood, leaving you feeling calm, centered and capable.

Schedule it in your calendar
In other words, be intentional. You have the tools needed to take care of yourself. Set a schedule and stick to it. If you only have one day a week to dedicate to self-care, then do that. As you find yourself relaxing and finding peace within yourself, add another hour or day to your schedule. The more consistent you are, the better you’ll feel, and it will become a habit.

We all need self-care to help us cope during times of stress, loss and change. It can also help us heal and recover from these challenging times. Do yourself a favor and schedule some time for self-care and see how you feel before and after.

And never forget: As with everything, self-care takes practice! Let me know how you’ve learned to include self-care in your daily routine.

Midlife wanderlust and creative mind of the blog Midlife Sassy where I encourage women to happily embrace their midlife journey. I’ve come to know that my place in this world and what I want to achieve is continuously expanding. My desire is to share this with others so that they can enjoy this time of self discovery. I cherish my role as wife and mom, my family inspires me to seek to walk in my purpose and create my legacy.

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