6.24.19 #HERNEWSRecap: Women Who Showed Up and Out at the BET Awards

Photo from BET.com

The BET Awards have been getting back to its iconic status over the past few years and this year they took it up another notch. I could do “the good”, “the bad”, and “the ugly” but I only have “the good”, “the great”, and the “okay sis!” for you.

“The Good” Category: Cardi B Steals the Show from Hubs

So, I knew Queen Cardi was going to give us a show, but she gave us a whole damn movie! The work she had to put into the theatrics and dance steps necessary to pull off a dope opening performance that she did had to have taken months on top of months, which she shares on Instagram. This performance only hits “The Good” category because she had to lip sing since there was so much action. No worries sis, I’m not mad at you because you were killing the steps and giving us all that emerald glow and passion. Oh, and we can’t forget that you snagged the Album of the Year award because as you stated, “numbers don’t lie!” #okurrrrr Oh and we saw you too Offset, with your subtle but cool pop and lock.

“The Great” Category: Mary J. Blige Bops Down the House

I live for a Mary J. moment and there were so many last night during her tribute that I don’t know where to start. First off, can we talk about her overall majestic vibe? To me, Mary doesn’t set trends, she’s an m-fing movement and she knows it, which is why she had to let us know that her “big hair” was for her “big night”. That was her warning us to hold on tight and brace for what was about to come and ba-by, I held my edges hostage throughout her entire performance. As she moved from one emotional classic to the next, she commanded our attention with her blonde tressels draped around those star-studded glasses to her backward cap during her solo and team “mary bop” mode and to her voice attacking each note like her life depended on it, 27 years later after her first triple-platinum album What’s The 411? dropped. Queen Mary J., you deserved to be honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Thanks for gracing our screens with your glory and for contributing to not only our culture but to my confidence and healing as a black woman. Oh, and I would be remiss in not mentioning that our sis Rhinna presented our Queen with the award, truly a full circle moment for our music.

Okay, Sis! Category Winner: DC’s Finest, Regina Hall, Gave us Realness

I feel so much pride when I see a black woman who owns every step, every word and every action that is hers without reservation. Queen Regina Hall gave us hostess with real ass passion. Yes, I’ve been a fan of hers since she blessed us in The Best Man, and her comedic stance in movies like Think Like a Man, Girls Trip and all of the whole Scary Movie franchise, but last night she gave us black woman, D.C. homegrown realness. That’s why she gets my “Okay Sis” award. I didn’t have any expectations because on awards shows like this, stuff always goes wrong, and they did, but Queen Regina spoke it up and out, soaking up each moment in the spotlight and making us laugh and love her all over again. Thanks for letting her cuss too BET. It comes with her dope ass package!

Honorable Mentions:

First Place: H.E.R. Poetry Slams Us to Lift Us Back into Reality

Let me just say that I love H.E.R. (and no we did not steal her name) but after last night I because of a follower of her work. What does that mean exactly? Sure I’m going to listen to her music for the message but I’ll also be waiting and watching for what she does next. Her poetic presence and rejuvenating response to our oppression as a connection to what God has for us was awe-inspiring, to say the least. When she reminded us through her song “The Lord is Coming” about our undeniable worth and mission, I immediately started to pour out my thoughts on my computer for my next story. H.E.R. songs added to my Writing Life playlist; check!

Second Place: ‘Queen & Slim’ will be the Revolutionized Ride & Die Narrative

The black narrative has and will continue to be the most powerful voice of our century and those to come. Lena Waithe and Melina Matsoukas have brought to life a storyline that is real, rocky and revolutionary and damnit I can’t wait to see it in November. Bring it out on the 27th since that will be the best day anyway (my birthday of course).

Did you watch the show? What did you think and share who you would choose for each category?


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