Songs for Life: Female Music Artists that will get You through Any Storm

[Photo Caption: The ever sensational Ayorkor by Kobe Subramaniam on Unsplash]

The older we get, the stronger our life storms become. The strength of our patience, spirit, and intelligence are constantly tested with the world watching. It is in those moments that we have to step back, recognize and analyze what is truly going on (the devil is bored usually) and make the right moves to get into a better position mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. But, how can you think about pushing forward when you’re trying to hang on and survive the eye of a storm?

Music saves lives and inspires change. Lyrics and beats can empower the masses to act or move with confidence across many of life’s challenges. Music is a therapeutic art form not just for the artist but also for the listener. It can get us through a mental health crisis, workout sessions, relationship issues, stresses at work, parenting issues and so much more.

Today, I’m sharing a few songs that have guided me through so many hard times. Hopefully, through these emotional and blunt ballads, you will be able to get yo life sis!

Side note: You should know that there is are hymns and gospel songs that can easily fit into these areas too but I chose songs that live outside of the normal spirit-based direction, while still having ties to faith-based principles.


Relationship Issues

There are so many issues that come with a relationship that I had to break this down into sub-categories:

Overcoming a Break-up

Somethings aren’t made to last forever. Some experiences are just lessons along the way.

Moving Past Pain to Stay Together

The worst part of it all, is figuring out how to move past the issue.

Healing to Move Forward and Let Love Live

Scars may not go away but they will heal if you let them.




Pushing through Work Drama and Fatigue

No matter what you’re doing, how far or close it is to your passion, you deserve respect for your work.


Overcoming Parenting Challenges

Sometimes you have to remember where all the love comes from. It’s not always easy, but they will always be worth it.



Dealing with Financial Woes

Money doesn’t grow on trees but your hard work will pay off. Focus on doing what makes you happy so work turns into passion and you won’t be so worried about time passing.


Conquering Body Struggles

God created us in his own image. We should strive to be healthy individuals and not to be clones of each other.





Managing People Problems

Sometimes we want to go live on an island, but until we have that luxury we have to learn how to get our minds right and stay focus on living the life we want.




Your Nerves are just Bad and You Need a Moment

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, everything gets to me and I just need to breathe out those thoughts.




Did I miss your song? Who would you add to this list? Leave me a comment and let me know what song I’m sleeping on or just forgot about.





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