That Crown Wasn’t Meant for the Ground so Wear It Proudly

Photo by Dellon Thomas from Pexels

What it means to be a woman to me isn’t based on the split lips between my legs or the hormones that rise and fall throughout the month. Being a woman is a part of my superpower where I can kill more birds with one stone while continually looking at glasses half full. And I could never just be a dime a dozen because I’m too busy making everything look like a piece of cake. You know what I’m saying sis!?


In other words, my crown may get heavy at times and throw me off balance but thanks to my tribe of women and the love I’ve grown for this body I’m in, my crown will never come off—even if the world shakes the shit out of me, trying to make me rethink its worth.

I’ve grown to learn and love my imperfections and uniqueness as a sister, mother, wife, daughter, girlfriend, niece, black women entrepreneur, black writer, lover and all those other roles I wear proudly. But if I’m honest with you, it’s taken years for me to truly body that pride because being a woman is so hard.


I can remember when I was in elementary school, being mad that I couldn’t take off my shirt and have on just my undershirt like the boys when I was hot. I remember being disappointed that it was impossible for me to not pee all over the floor standing up. I remember when my heart was broken and I was pissed that I had all these emotions about it. Why couldn’t I not care like a man?

All these notions made me wonder why I had to be so complicated, that is, until I realized that complexity is what makes me superior.


As a woman, I don’t have a one-track mind nor do I attempt to do one thing a time. I get shit done usually all at once.

As a woman, I appreciate being able to nurture my family and friends in a way that is natural and unrelenting at times. Yet, I’ve come to learn when to turn that power on full blast and when to shut it down. Self-preservation is key, Sis!

As a woman, I love the tribe of other women—those related and not—who have taught me how, consistently, to keep that crown shiny and high. There is something spectacular about a group of women who are there for each other to lift and push one another through phase after phase of life. That is exactly what H.E.R. Crisis is all about!


We as women have a place in this world that is meant to spur change, and in that change we gain a following and give others strength. Live in that mission Sis and hold on to that crown as you run full speed ahead.

No one can be you, so I encourage you to continue to push and live your greatest life. Be excited that no one can live your life because it is a blessing from God.

Happy Women’s History Month, Sis! But know that a month could never hold enough hours or days to salute the amazing things women before us have done or even the success that lies in the future for you.



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