Imposter Syndrome is on the Rise – Ways to Fight your Mind

Photo by Reafon Gates from Pexels

That’s right, if Covid-19, killer bees, quarantine insanity, or locusts don’t get you, the Imposter Syndrome will. 


For many of us moms (and dads—we see you too), it’s been a struggle to do virtual learning while working or a fight to get rid of guilt for having to put our kids back into school because you have to work. Before all of this, we may have thought that we were excellent employees, owners and CEOs and even pretty dope parents, but now, we question if we’ve done anything right by our kids. 

We start thinking about our parenting skills; I’m a parent not a teacher so there’s no way I can teach them proper, right? Are they going to be behind because of me? Why can’t I just quit my job and teach my kids? Does my job want me to quit them or my kids? Are they working me more to test my multitasking skills? Am I even a good mother(father) anymore? *play that epic score from the Twilight Zone show* 

Answer: You absolutely are! You are doing your best and that’s all you can do. We are living in unprecedented times. Let me repeat that for those in the back. WE ARE LIVING IN UNPRECIDENTED TIMES! Don’t let tough times make you question your value. You are not a fraud. You are a top performer at work and a supermom(dad), it’s just rough right now and you are not alone. Continue to do your best and keep your feet on the ground and your mind on the truth. 

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Log your kid on, work through the schoolwork you can with them and then drink some wine. OR drop your kids off, pick them up, work through their homework and then drink some wine. Either way, you’re doing your best. So, as I stated in the title, take out your bat and knock that guilt, confusion and Imposter Syndrome out of your mind. You are a great parent who will do whatever you can for your child, now and forever. This is just a test of your patience and presence. Our kids need us to show them that anything is possible, even living through crazy times like the year that is 2020. 


This week, I want you to take a moment and show gratitude to yourself, your child and their teachers. Today happens to be International Teacher’s Day so it’s more than a perfect day to tell teachers, “thank you.” After that, thank yourself and reward your child for doing their best too. 


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