Kicking off the Year by Taking a Look Back

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‘Love Notes’ just in Time for Valentine’s Day

It's a love thing and #blacklove is a beautiful sight. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, take a lover's break with a new YouTubing couple, Shanna and G-mo, who share their journey through a long distance relationship to engagement and more. Catch the first episode of Love Notes.


Today, we’re taking a moment to look back at a post as a reminder that many of us may love the holidays but are still grieving and hurting from losing someone that we love. Stay strong, keep praying and remember that they never truly leave you. #ThursdayThoughts

Make a Revelation - Seek a Revival - Join the Revolution

Artwork by Ellis Wilson, “Funeral Procession”

As much happiness as the holidays may bring, sadness sometimes follow from the absence of those who are no longer physically here to share in those occasions. For me, I miss my mom every holiday—really every day.

She has been gone now for 11 years, this coming December 26. Outwardly, I’m joyful and excited to create memories with my family, both those immediate and who have traveled from across the country. But internally, it’s hard to dismiss the sorrow and pain that comes from not having my mommy here.

The weirdest part of it all is that some years there are no tears, just laughter, and smiles from those priceless memories of her. Other years those same memories bring tears, anger, and sadness from wanting her to experience the joy that I feel. But I’ve been shown over and over, that there was a…

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