Artwork By: Laurie Cooper, "Face Reality (Female)" I’ve always been that girl; loud, sassy and not afraid to speak her mind. Personally I was labeled angry, crazy, and gangsta (Born and raised on a military base, that shit’s real gangsta). As a professional, I struggled with scaling that back. I was labeled aggressive. Hard to … Continue reading CLOSED MOUTHS DON’T GET FED


Beauty Hurts [A Short Story Dedicated to Our Daughters]

Enjoy this fictional reading break from a H.E.R. contributor and creator, Niccole "DNC" Coleman, dedicated to our daughters. Originally posted on The Chronicles of DNC. Photo Cred: Daughters of Niccole "DNC" Coleman pictured above The mirror shattered and shards of glass ripped through my face. I smiled. The tears that fled down my cheeks from … Continue reading Beauty Hurts [A Short Story Dedicated to Our Daughters]