Rep Yo City…with some Wine and Words

Let’s do a #FBF post to the ladies of Wine and Words… On another episode of Wine and Words, Shari and DNC salute their hometowns (NY and STL) and speak to the regional differences that they love, loath and now see in their own children. Get ready for some nostalgia, cuss words and motherhood wrapped … Continue reading Rep Yo City…with some Wine and Words


Welcome to H.E.R. World

H.E.R. [hur] (n): 1) one who is Heir of Everything Revolutionary 2) An African-American Woman Welcome to H.E.R. world, and in particular H.E.R. Crisis. I just love saying and writing that. I’ve transformed my old blog, Mid-WYFE Crisis, into something more direct; more intentional; more relevant to what I, as a black women, and the community … Continue reading Welcome to H.E.R. World