Welcome to H.E.R. World

H.E.R. [hur] (n):
1) one who is Heir of Everything Revolutionary
2) An African-American Woman

Welcome to H.E.R. world, and in particular H.E.R. Crisis. I just love saying and writing that.

I’ve transformed my old blog, Mid-WYFE Crisis, into something more direct; more intentional; more relevant to what I, as a black women, and the community of other black women need to address.

With content generated by other established writers, bloggers and vloggers, H.E.R. Crisis will stretch her arms wide to capture and uplift women on their worst and best days. Topics will vary from parenting woes to cultural inconsistencies and barriers to lifestyle revelations and so much more.

And by the way, this is not an exclusionary thing. Any and everyone is welcome to read and join the chat, just don’t be concerned if you’re not familiar with the words, feelings or issues discussed. Like my good friend (or at least she is in my daydreams) Solange stated in her epic song F.U.B.U., “Don’t feel bad if you can’t [read] along / Just be glad you got the whole wide world / This is us / This shit is from us /.

This virtual media/advice/motivational/style/culture/etc. center will invite you to make revelations, enjoy revivals and join a revolution. It’s not about magic but celebrating and building on a legacy laid by so many before us.

“Because of H.E.R. (Heir of Everything Revolutionary) the sky is the limit and there is no crisis she can’t handle. We will make sure of it.” – Niccole “DNC” Coleman


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