Welcome to my next chapter…

Life is an ongoing roller-coaster and all you need to do is keep all hands, feet and objects inside the cart and enjoy the ride.

As children we dream of so many things and usually a lot later on in life we stop and realize that those dreams have been forgotten. The majority of the human species then attempts to reach out to them again. This is usually termed as a ‘mid-life crisis’. Well I’m only 28 and I already feel like I’m missing out on dreams. Hence, my creation of a new term and the title for this blog, Mid-WYFE Crisis.

As I move into a new chapter of my life as a wife and step-mommy, sometimes I feel like I could do more…more to be a better wife, more to have a better relationship with my kids, more to stay connected to family and friends, more to connect with my community, more to grow as a person…just MORE. I am now challenging myself to do just that, MORE! I’m going to venture into this chaotic world as fearless as I can without any reservation. It is easy to live a normal and hard to reach for MORE. Well I haven’t turned down any challenges so why start now!?

This blog was not created to sell you a product, service or theory but to inspire you to step outside of your box and venture out to live your dreams. LYFE is short so start LIVING and here we go…! Enjoy *DNC


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