A Child’s Plight to Bring Fun to Everyone

In my posts I am always talking how we, adults, must show our kids positive actions instead of just talking the talk. Well I was reminded the other day about how kids can inspire us to take a different look at our daily lives.

Caine's Arcade

Have you heard of Caine’s Arcade on YouTube? If you haven’t the story goes like this: A filmmaker was going to a store to buy a door handle and came across the owner’s son who devised a way to create games out of the cardboard boxes around the shop. The boy, Caine, named his project ‘Caine’s Arcade’. The filmmaker was fascinated by his concept and decided to buy a “fun pass” to test out Caine’s games. After enjoying an afternoon of creative play the director decided to create a film about Caine’s Arcade on put it on YouTube and to his surprise it went viral! And the rest is history.

When I first saw the video I was blown away by not only the work the boy put into his creation but his passion behind his mission to bring fun to anyone who stepped into his arcade. Now there is a follow up video, Caine’s Arcade 2, where the director highlights how Caine has inspired other kids to create their own unique cardboard fun. After raising enough money to put Caine through college, the director/creator started a foundation on Caine’s behalf called the Imagination Foundation. Check out the 1st and 2nd videos below.

Caine's Arcade2

We can all take notes about how to enjoy each moment and look for the fun in our daily routine. Kids amaze me every day and I hope this brightens and inspires you to tap into your passions. Children may say the darnest things but they show us life’s most truthful lessons.


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