Mid-WYFE’s Monday Motivation

Today’s Mid-WYFE’s Monday Motivation: Coping with the unexpected requires a little faith

There are so many factors that pop up unexpectedly in life; loss of a love one, health issues, financial pitfalls and the list continues. Some unexpected occurrences maybe a little lighter like, having to stay at home with a sick child, or having some tap your bumper, but no matter how you rate your unforeseen happening, it can still be devastating and life altering.

As someone who has seen her share of unexpected events, I can attest to the emotions and mental chaos that occurs during such times. But here is where your faith comes into the picture.

Faith is your foundation to grow and survive in this chaotic world. Faith allows you to accept what has happened and focus on a better day. Remember to find comfort in knowing that you are not the only one who has gone through such unexpected events and then move forward.

It is ok to take a moment to mourn, cry, yell, or do whatever is necessary as an outlet but don’t wallow in the moment. Life is a carousel filled with ups and downs, but the key is not to miss out on all the other great rides in the park. We all go through many seasons so remain focused that no matter how hard it may be raining for you now, the sun will always rise again.



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