[Guest Blogger Spotlight] Testif-Y: Gloom or Bloom?

I am happy to share the first of many post from a new member of the MWC family. Shelley Harris is a native of Chi-town and has some real knowledge and lessons to share that inspire me and I’m sure will inspire you. Enjoy her first post, premiering in our Testif-Y spot, “Gloom or Bloom?“. Learn more about her on the Team WYFE page.

Gloom or Bloom?

As each day comes to a close, I reflect on my day and how far I’ve come as a woman. My favorite quote is “Life is an argument you cannot win”. That statement is so powerful! Life can be extremely blissful and downright cruel…However; it’s the lessons that come from the never-ending roller coaster ride. Yet, out of any negative there is always a positive. You just have to look beyond those gloomy clouds, the sun is always shining.  My story is one of happiness and hurt, but it has shaped me into the woman I am today.

Read the full post at LYFESTYLE Files


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