[Mid-WYFE’s Motivation] Value your health: You only have one life to live

So in light of my most recent health scare, I thought that I would share some motivation on maintaining not only a healthy mind but also a healthy body. As women we are the most caring creatures on the earth but sometimes we forget to care for ourselves. If we are mothers we ensure that I kids don’t miss their doctors, dentist and eye appointments. As wives we make sure our men go get their annual check-ups, even if it causes the argument of the year, we take on that battle effortlessly. But sometimes we are reluctant to take time out to review our own health. Sure some of us are good at getting to that gyno annually only because we have to stay tight on our birth control, but getting a physical is a different story.


I come from generations of women who undoubtedly loved and cared for their family but who did not take enough time out to take care of their selves until it was too late. Their most important moments in life included standing by the sick and disabled. But it wasn’t until their bodies would not let them stand anymore that they even realized that they needed to review their health. And because of that I’ve lost some wonderful women.

Within the past couple of days, I have had those same moments where I’m not feeling up to speed and are really fighting some pains but I kept pushing pass the thought of doing what I know I needed to do because in my mind my family needed me more than my body did. Well I was wrong and I had to admit to myself that it was time to value my own health.

Prior to my “Come to Jesus” moment I would take a look on mayoclinic.com and become a certified doctor. The only problem was that as soon as I saw any results/outcomes with “death” in the description I would shut down the computer and hide the doctor’s number. But I and we can’t do that. My fear of hospitals is sometimes debilitating but I have to put on my grown woman panties and do what my family needs me to do, take care of myself. And that’s exactly what your family and friends want you to do too.

Family running on path smiling

This week make an appointment to get a check-up and from that check-up make some decisions to take an active role in improving your health. Eat right, exercise, rest, schedule annual check-ups, the whole sha-bang. WE only have one life to live and we should take some pride in living a healthy life.

Have a great week Mid-WYFE Fam!

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