[Mid-WYFE’s Motivation] Count and be blessed for your battle scars


The other morning I saw this quote come up on my Instagram and it inspired me to write a post.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one but some days I just get tired of fighting. I get tired of fighting over crazy people at work, over family issues, over friend issues…just over anything. Hell some days I’ll just eat a jelly sandwich because I don’t want to fight the traffic getting to the store. But why? Why should I have to fight for anything? Why don’t things just seem to come with an easy button like Staples? Why?

As I sit and contemplate this notion of why? I’ve had to go and back track for the things I have had to fight for and see where that fighting has gotten me…

At work, if I didn’t speak up and overcome those jobs that seem to break me down, I wouldn’t have had the nerve to not only end up at my “dream” company but I wouldn’t have been confident enough to step out into my own business.

With family, if I didn’t stick with my morals and values, and forgive those who burned me, I wouldn’t be able to thank God every day for the wonderful people he has shown me that are true blessing to my life.

Fighting against the world can seem like a tedious and sometime worthless task but you really have to understand that it’s not the world that you’re fighting against, you’re battling for a better you. Sometimes tests and obstacles come around more than once not to just teach you what you should do but to make you a testimony for those around you. Our purpose in life does not affect only us, but everyone we touch.

Don’t ever give up fighting. Take each battle scar and stand proud knowing that you will always be ready for the next bout! #LyfeThuggin



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