[Mid-Wyfe Motivation] Change is in the Air – Take a breathe

Last week I didn’t know how I was going to get on here and do the next motivation post. My heart and mind seeped with anguish over how much my community, my city and especially the parents of Michael Brown Jr. hurt as the officer was not indicted on the murder of this young, unarmed man.

But out of the storm came the sun. I not only participated in the #blacklivesmatter #Notonedime movement (read more on Urban EthYcs) to boycott Black Friday but I was, and still am, so humbled by the united protests across the WORLD for #JusticeforMikeBrown.

This week’s message: Change begins with you. Don’t be a bystander hoping that things change. Be an instigator inciting change with each step you take in life. A change can be as big a new law passed to ensure that each police officer has a working camera on their body at all times or as small as you choosing one grocery store over another. Change is powerful, no matter what it may be so please take comfort in taking your power to the next level.

Preside Barack Obama Change Quote

Join the Change: Attend the #BoomerangEffect Atlanta

There is a great event being held tomorrow, December 2, 2014, in Atlanta, GA by a fellow Mizzou Alum and friend called the #BoomerangEffect. Please go check out the event and invest in our youth. I am! Learn more about this event and the Marcus Graham Project at http://marcusgrahamproject.org/boomerangeffect/ #donate #youth #change #marcusgrahamproject


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