Dear White Allies: Stop Unfriending Other White People Over Ferguson

H.E.R. Crisis

Racial tensions are so high. Blacks are angry. Whites are angry, but the the difference seems to be that there is a divide on where anger lies for some whites. Some are mad about the riots and/or are in full support of how the Micheal Brown case concluded. Others support the movement toward #justiceformikebrown and improvement for the overall black American experience. I have to be honest and say that it’s been hard for me to speak to my fellow “allies” because of the rage that still sits on my heart from the case conclusion and years of tolerating such racism. Today, I was lucky enough to come across this wonderful article that says everything that I have struggled to say.

We need our white allies!!! Please read and share.

Spectra Speaks on White Allies Racism Fergueson

My rage as a black person witnessing yet another moment in the endless cycle of racism in the US prevents…

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