[Mommy LYFE] To make or not to make baby food…

I know I haven’t gone into a lot of detail of my hiatus but almost six months ago I had my first baby, Miss Brooklyn Aaliyah, and my life hasn’t been the same since. It’s been amazing, exhausting, funny, worrisome and so much more. She is truly #myall because she deserves nothing less.

On my journey into motherhood, I’ve been learning the ins and outs of feeding, breasts and formula, changing diapers, playing, sleep teaching (don’t know if that that the technical term) and the list continues to grow. So let me share with the world the things that I have learned in case you or someone you knows needs some guidance, like I did and still do.

To make or not to make baby food…that is the question

Brooklyn will turn six months on the 20th this month. She is sitting up well, with a bobble every now and then, and she still working on moving from the front stroke to actually crawling on her belly. At her last visit at four months the Dr. said it was ok to start introducing foods like apple sauce and cereal but I still waited until she was five months before adding it to her menu.baby bullet

So now we are well into trying out foods. A little bit of carrots, bananas, peas, sweet potatoes (which she hates right now), apples and pears. Plus we pair it with some rice cereal twice a day. I normally just buy the pre-made food, not necessarily organic but with no additives, from the grocery store but my girlfriends have been talking about how easy it is to make baby food and how it can last so much longer because you can freeze it.

I am now on the mission to make her food. And this makes even more sense since I received the baby bullet during my shower.

This video really pushed it over for me. Fresh food + ice cube trays = Easy baby food!

How to make baby food


So here I go! I’ll do a Part II this weekend to let you all know how it all came out.

If you’re currently doing this, please send over your tips. My biggest worry to make sure I use it in a timely manner. I HATE throwing food away.


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