[Mid-WYFE Motivation] The power of giving


This past weekend I had the honor of helping to put on my first baby shower for a dear friend. It was great, confusing, tedious, amazing, and satisfying. My job was only to take care of the decor but I definitely took time to pull together elements that weren’t just nice but personal and I loved every second of it.

The best part was seeing her reaction to everything. The smile and glow on her let us all know that she loved it. It was great to celebrate this amazing blessing but the best part was how fulfilling it left me. It reminded me how much I really love to give. Whether it was in a physical manner, like this shower, or just being a listening ear for my daughter’s teenage boy issues.

It feels good to be there for someone else. If you haven’t done it lately, try it. See how that person responds to your gesture. You don’t know you may have truly made their day or even year.

This week I challenge you to use your power to give for good. Make someone’s day and see how fulfilling it truly is for you. Please remember that giving does not necessarily mean monetary but it does mean from the heart.



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