Kids just don’t understand: Mysteries behind parenting

kids just don't understand

I know you think I got that title wrong since Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff originally let us know that Parents just don’t understand but I really think it’s the other way around.

So I’m raising three girls right — two teenagers and a toddler. All wonderful kids but all who think they are smarter than me. It’s the craziest thing I ever seen.

For example my toddler is now at the point where she understands “yes” and “no”. So when I say “No don’t put that shoe in your mouth” she puts it down. But why when I turn around all of a sudden it must be a new day or maybe mommy forgot the whole conversation that we just had. I mean that only makes sense right? Just because I said it a minute ago doesn’t mean that I still meant it two minutes later right?

Or why when I walk in my teenagers room and say “get off the phone, it’s too late” that the immediate response is “I’m not on it”. Oh so I imagine you darting the phone under pillow as I opened the door. Or maybe my ears weren’t working right when I paused to listen at your door, where I heard you talking to another person on speaker before I even opened the door. Silly me, that was probably you throwing your voice as you talked with your imaginary friend right?

I totally understand now when my mom drowned me in that “been there, done that!” philosophy. So in case my oldest is reading this, here’s a quick note:

Dear beautiful, smart and determined daughters,

I was once a child, specifically a daughter, before you SO I know EXACTLY what’s going on!

Love Mom

P.S. No you can not wear those shorts outside of the house!

teenage issues

Kids just don’t understanding!


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